Yes, I Can Help YOU!!

Do you have a stack of sleep books but are too tired and busy to read them?

Have you read some of the books but worry it won’t work with your child, and then what will you do?

Are you tired of hearing friends and family telling you to just wait, that they will outgrow the constant wakeups, and then you’ll miss those wakeups??

Are you tired of hearing friends, family, and your doctor tell you to just let them cry?

Imagine you had someone that would come to your home or any other place that is convenient for you and spend time just talking to you about your child’s sleep and what your perfect night would look like. 

Imagine you are not rushed in this conversation, which could easily take 1 – 2 hours, unlike the maybe 20 minutes you get with your pediatrician. 

Imagine this person has help tired parents before, and after working with this person, parents say things like ” . . . Michelle’s sleep guidance made a huge difference in the qualities of our lives. She was very understanding and always available to offer help when I really needed it. She adapted the sleep plan to the daily changes that we were experiencing until we developed a plan that worked. Michelle’s gentle approach to fixing my daughter’s sleep habits worked beautifully after about 2 weeks of work. After 4 weeks of Michelle’s support, her sleeping is nearly perfect. I’m extremely grateful and thankful for this result”.

And finally, imagine that after working with this person, your child goes to sleep nicely at bedtime and stays asleep all night.  And your child does not fight sleep.  And your child enjoys being in their crib or bed and actually asks to go to sleep.  How does that feel to you? 

Are you ready to start on the pathway to sleep for your whole family?  Don’t spend another frustrating, sleepless night without help!  Email me at and let’s set up a time to have a consultation.  I have evening, daytime, and weekend appointments so it’s convenient for you.  I’ll come to your home or we can meet virtually if you prefer.  And if you do not see a package that fits with your needs, let me know – we can customize one for you!

It’s not too good to be true, I can truly help you and your children sleep well!

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