Why Should I Hire a Sleep Coach When I Can Buy A Book?

Here is a question I bet a lot of people have:  “Why should I spend money on hiring a sleep coach, when I can buy a book for much less?”.  This is a great question and one with several answers.


  • A book cannot answer your questions.  What if you follow all the steps exactly, and your child is still crying and not sleeping well?  A book can try to give you examples of what can happen, but it can in no way give you answers for every scenario that may happen.  A sleep coach can be there to walk you through what happened and make changes to the plan if necessary.
  • Most books only talk about one method.  Most authors of sleep books have on particular method they encourage.  Many sleep consultants have been trained on many different methods.  For example, I trained with Kim West who has a particular method she likes to use called The Sleep Lady Shuffle, and I have also taken training through the International Maternity and Parenting Institute where we discuss many different methods.  And while many books claim their methods will work for just about every situation, the truth is, some children do not respond well to certain methods.  Some babies are ultra-stimulated by their parents sitting in the room and actually cry less and take less time to fall asleep if the parents come and go.  A sleep coach that is trained in different methods will work with a family to determine the child’s temperament and the parents’ philosophies to determine the method that they believe will work best for that family.  And if it seems to not be working, they will assist in coming up with a different method to help the family.
  • Books cannot be a shoulder to cry or cheer on.  A sleep coach will be there to talk with you in the morning.  Imagine having a rough night and being able to think “I will just get through tonight and then I will speak with Michelle the next morning and ask her how we can change the plan”.  That’s what I offer to my clients.  And then when they have a great night, I am there to cheer them on and celebrate with them!

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– Michelle Winters

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