Why Having to Sleep Coach Your Child Rocks!

I know, it would probably rock more if you didn’t have to sleep train your child, but there are still benefits to it!!  (And this is not to say that parents who have not had to sleep coach their child do not have these benefits, but they may get them in other ways.)

Here are some benefits of having to sleep coach your child:

Learn how your child self-soothes – If you are using a sleep method where you sit in your child’s room, or if you have a video baby monitor, you will see the different ways your child learns how to soothe themselves.  Maybe they rub their sheets, maybe they play with their own hair or maybe they hold a blanket or lovey.  The nice thing is you will get to see what they do.  This may even become a help to you during the day, because maybe your child will start to show some of these self-soothing techniques if they are getting tired.

Build your confidence as a parent – Parents who go through sleep coaching have accomplished something awesome.  They worked on changing a behavior in their child and were successful.  Once you accomplish sleep coaching, you feel like you can tackle anything!  The added sleep may help with this 🙂

You and your partner will work together to solve this problem – This will probably be the first real behavior issue you as parents will have to tackle with your child.  You will need to communicate your feelings to each other and figure out together what the best plan of action will be.

And here are some other added benefits that may or may not be seen as real benefits!13921137_s

Understand what true sleep deprivation feels like – Most people (college students excluded) who do not have children cannot truly understand what it is like to be totally sleep deprived and still have to function and take care of things.  Never again will you judge a parent who has barely gotten dressed to get out of the house.

Gain the ability to fall asleep quickly, pretty much anywhere – So this probably isn’t always a benefit (think sitting at a traffic light!), but it is usually much easier to fall asleep for a nap when you have a child who needs some sleep coaching.  Of course, if they need sleep coaching, they may not be napping well, hindering your ability to nap . . .

Get to know more about your neighborhood – You may get to know more about your neighbors and other things that happen around your neighborhood by being awake in the middle of the night.  Of course, this may not always be a good thing!

If you have gone through sleep coaching, are there other benefits you can think of?  I’d love to hear them!

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