Why Changing Your Sleeping Position Won’t Always Alleviate Pain


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Sleep isn’t always easy. Falling asleep and staying asleep are supposed to be built-in functions that our bodies and minds should just get on with. But there are so many disruptions and distractions in our busy modern lives. There are also physical, emotional, and mental problems that can interfere with a natural sleep pattern. Pain is one of the biggest reasons why sleep can be difficult. Many doctors advise sleeping in a different position, but this might not always be the best way to tackle the problem:

Where Is The Pain?

It makes sense not to lay on a painful sore or blister. In these cases, a different sleeping position takes the pressure off the pressure point. The trouble is, most pain that stops us sleeping well isn’t from a sore or injury. Aching backs and necks are common problems. They’re not always caused by an accident or overexertion. In fact, they might be caused by you laying down! Does that mean you should lay in a different position though?

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What might be a better solution is a bed that supports the sleeping position you are most comfortable with using. Those that suffer lower back pain often prefer sleeping on their tummies. This twists the neck round to the side all night, yet the lower back pain is the biggest disruption to restful sleep. Instead of trying to get used to an unfamiliar sleeping positions, choose a mattress that is designed to help with lower back strain. This will support your preferred sleeping position to offer you the best relief from your pain.


Most of us snore when we’re lying on our backs. Partners might roll us over to get some peace and quiet! Unfortunately, this disrupts our sleep even more! If you’re comfortable on your back and facing the ceiling, then it might be time to address the snoring instead. Lying on your side can restrict the blood flow to some of your internal organs. It can also reduce the effectiveness of your diaphragm. Snoring is a sign of problems like sleep apnea. Most doctors are very good at diagnosing this and offering you a range of treatments to solve this serious problem. Have a check up so you can find out more.

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Your preferred choice of sleeping position has probably developed over the years. Sometimes we wake up in a completely different position. You might find your hand or arm has gone numb because you’ve rolled over onto it. Looking after your limbs in bed is important. Sometimes limbs become restless and start to feel very uncomfortable indeed. If you suffer from this, it’s best to see your doctor. Some say stretching and exercise can help. However, if you’re worried about this nighttime phenomenon, see your doctor. In some cases, a change in position might relieve the problem.

Sleeping should be easy and natural, but lots of things can go wrong with our rest patterns. Sometimes a change in sleeping position might help. Try other solutions too. It’s all worth it to ensure restful and refreshing sleep.

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