White Noise Machines – Why Does Everyone Recommend Them?

I received a comment awhile back on a post I wrote asking why every sleep specialist recommends white noise machines (and asking if I worked for a white noise machine company!).  While it may seem that many people are recommending them, I do want to say they are not by any means a magic wand.  I never say to people, “Oh, buy a white noise machine and you or your children will be sleeping all through the night!”.  In fact using only one of my tips or recommendations probably will not cause a dramatic change in your sleep.  Using several together however will (including a white noise machine)!


So why all the fuss about white noise machines?  What can they really do to help us sleep better?

Block Out Noises

One of the main advantages to using a white noise machine is their ability to block out noises when you or your children are sleeping.  Tired of tiptoeing around the house in the day when your baby is sleeping?  Tired of having to keep everyone quiet at 7:30 when your child is sleeping?  A white noise machine can help!  It can also help if you have more than one child.  For me, it helps keep out the noise of our roosters crowing, or the dogs walking around on the hardwood floor.

Create a More Consistent Environment

Another advantage to a white noise machine is that it provides the same environment (at least noise wise) all night long.  So when you or your child fall asleep, you hear the noise, and when you have a partial awakening during the night, you hear the same noise.

Replace the TV

One of the biggest challenges I hear from adult clients is that they cannot fall asleep without the television on.  I used to have this problem as well.  I would turn it down so I could barely hear it, but I could not fall asleep without it on.  This is exactly what white noise can help with.  White noise can give your brain something to focus on other than the thoughts that may be going through your head while you are trying to fall asleep.  And when you have a partial awakening during the night, the white noise can keep your brain from starting to wander.

What About White Noise Apps?

While white noise apps can work, but it is better to not have electronics in your room while you are sleeping at night.  The lights from them can stop your body from producing melatonin, a calming hormone, and the electromagnetic waves are not great for you to sleep with.

My Favorite White Noise Machines

Here are two of my favorite white noise machines*, but there are tons more and any will work for you.

If you would like to see more about the Marpac Dohm, check out my review here.


*Please note that these are affiliate links and so, at no additional cost to you, I will receive a small portion of your purchase price.

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