What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

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If you’re having trouble sleeping it can be a seemingly temporary and tedious problem that can have massively negative effects on your life, as sleep is akin to recharging a phone battery – if you don’t allow it to fully charge, it will not be as functional as you need it to be the next day, and we all know how frustrating it can be to run out of phone battery when you’re on the go… particularly if you’re depending on it for directions.

In this sense, sleep is incredibly important yet there are a number of things that can prevent us getting the slumber we need.  For instance, it could be that something is keeping you up as it’s playing on your mind – this could be something small such as the need to compare renters insurance the next day, or something major, such as how to rescue your relationship.

The best thing you can do, if you have a busy mind, like this is to go to sleep with a notepad and pen on your nightstand.  Before you go to sleep, write down all the things that are troubling you and that will need to be addressed.

This does two things; firstly, it stops you ruminating and tossing the same thoughts around your mind –  meaning, it takes it off your mind and puts it down on paper. This means you can stop worrying about it so much, as often, the other concern people have is forgetting the thought and not taking action the next day.

The other thing this does, is it allows your subconscious mind to mull the thought over and come up with some creative solutions whilst you sleep.  

When you consider the fact your conscious mind is merely the tip of the iceberg, you’ll understand the potency and effectiveness of your subconscious mind to solve problems even more effectively than your conscious mind which tends to bounce things around endlessly without much progress… it’s often your subconscious mind that pumps out the creative solutions to complex problems – so write down your challenges and hand the reins over to your subconscious.

In addition, there are some practical things  you can do to ensure you have a full night’s sleep and get the rest you require to operate at your optimum.


It can be as simple as replacing your mattress to one that supports your body better, and upgrading your sheets to more luxurious and comforting fabrics to ensure you have a more comfortable place in which you can rest your weary head.


Sleeping in a stuffy room causes headaches and can often wake you up due to a feeling of foggy-headedness, whilst sleeping with air conditioning on can dehydrate your skin and throat to the point that you will wake up in the night desperate for a drink.  Sleeping with a gentle supply of fresh air can work wonders on your ability to get a good night’s sleep.


Perhaps an obvious point, but if you live on a main street you might want to invest in some blackout blinds as there’s evidence to suggest that the darker the room the deeper the sleep.

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