Trust Your Instincts

A few weeks ago our female goat Darla has 2 babies.  Watching her give birth and caring for her babies made me think of writing this post.  It was pretty amazing to watch her give birth, and then immediately start cleaning and feeding her babies, and without taking any birthing classes!  It made me think about how we humans do have parenting instincts, but we do not always follow them.  Sometimes we get so caught up with listening to what other people tell us, that we forget to follow our own feelings.

Darla and her babies

I would like to remind every parent out there, that years and years and years ago, we did this parenting thing without books or classes.  Not to say that everything was perfect back then and definitely not to say that we do not need help these days.  But I am saying that we have our own instincts within us on how to parent our children, how we should be disciplining them, how we should be feeding them, how we should be helping them sleep.  And I think we forget this a lot of the time because we get so caught up in the advice from others.  So before you take someone else’s advice, take a step back and figure out if it feels right to you.  So if you are co-sleeping with your child and someone tells you not to do that, figure out if that really fits in to how you want to raise your children.  Are you happen co-sleeping?  Are you all sleeping well?  Maybe you don’t need to change that.  But if co-sleeping doesn’t feel exactly right to you, then maybe you can take that person’s advice.  (For more on my thoughts on co-sleeping, click here)

Remember, just because someone is an expert on something, you are the expert on your own child and your own situation.  So while you may come to me for sleep advice because I am an expert on it, if anything I recommend doesn’t feel like it will work for your family or your child, then I will not push you to try it.

And now, some more cute baby goat pictures!


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