Transitioning From a Crib to A Bed

I will say that I encourage parents to keep children in their crib for as long as possible.  My son could climb in and out during the day, but he never did it at night (and since I knew he could do it so safetly during the day, I wasn’t concerned for his safety).  For the most part, children do not understand that they need to stay in their bed all night until 2.5 to 3 years old.  Have I seen it work with younger children?  Yes, But for the majority, later is better!!

If you need the crib for a younger sibling, make sure you have plenty of time before the younger sibling arrives between taking the crib away from the older child and giving it to the younger one.

If you do have a child who is climbing, you can try to put them in a sleep sack or a long t-shirt to make the climbing more difficult – this may buy you a couple extra weeks at least.

If you do put your child into a bed, please make sure their room is very child proofed, especially with a child on the younger side.  Think about all the things your child can get into in the middle of the night if they were to wake and have free reign of their room and possibly even the house.  You may also want to put a baby gate on their room so they can not get out.

Let your child help you pick out new sheets for the new bed to encourage them to sleep in it.  If you do not already have a clock that changes colors when it is time for your child to wake up, you may want to get one now.

If your child is not staying in their bed at bedtime, try sitting at the doorway and reminding them to stay in bed.  Then you can also give them extra reassurance that everything is ok.

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