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New Package for Expectant Parents

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you all know about a new package offering that I have.  This would be great for a baby shower gift!

Here is the info:

Expectant Parent Package This package is great for parents who are expecting a baby and want someone to support them with sleep concerns before and after their baby comes.  With this package you will receive three approximately 45 minute phone calls with me.

Phone Call Before Baby ComesIn this phone call I will go over the importance of getting good sleep before the baby comes.  We will discuss how you are sleeping now and will speak about ways to improve your sleep.  We will discuss ways to prepare for the baby and will talk about an ideal location for the baby to sleep.  I will also give sleep tips for the first few weeks of having your baby home.

Phone Call Around 6-8 weeks After the Baby is BornIn this phone call, we will discuss how things are going with the baby’s sleep up until this point.  We will talk about starting to put into place some sleep habits which may include occasionally putting baby down drowsy but awake.  And we will discuss what drowsy but awake actually means!  I will answer any questions you have about your baby’s sleep and we will discuss what to expect in the upcoming weeks and months.

Phone Call Around 4 – 6 months After the Baby is BornIn this phone call, we will again discuss how things have been going with the baby’s sleep.  We will talk about the importance of a flexible schedule and whether or not sleep coaching is appropriate at this point.  If sleep coaching is appropriate, we will put together a gentle, respectful plan to implement it.  If it is not yet appropriate, we will create a temporary plan for the upcoming months.

The cost of this package is $200.00.  I can create a gift certificate for it if you are interested in giving it as a gift, and I can set something up if it is a group gift and you want people contributing to it.