Preparing Your Mind and Body for a Comfortable Night of Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is all about practicing good habits. In fact, for some people, it’s actually more about banishing bad habits as opposed to making better ones. Habits such as eating before bed, watching late night television and playing around with your smartphone before bed need to be removed if you want a fantastic and comfortable night of sleep. So in order to beat those bad habits, here are a couple of tips.


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Replace bad habits with better ones

One of the first things you need to learn is how to beat those bad habits. You can’t simply replace them with nothing and hope it works. You need to replace those bad habits with something better. For instance, instead of eating late at night, have a glass of milk or water instead. Instead of playing on your smartphone or watching television, consider reading a book to ease the strain on your eyes a little bit. You could get rid of bad habits with just this piece of advice, but here are a few more tips to help you get a comfortable night of sleep.

Update your bedroom

The first tip is to update your bedroom. For instance, instead of sleeping on a spring mattress (the most common type) consider sleeping on a memory foam mattress instead. Not only is it a lot more comfortable than a regular spring bed, it’s also a lot more durable and helps to ease back pains and aches. If you’re struggling with your sleep and you think it’s because of your bed, then consider speaking to your doctor first before splashing cash on an expensive mattress. Even if you’re worried about the high costs of a luxury mattress, remember that you spend a lot of time in your life sleeping, so it’s worth every single penny you pay. Take a look at this article from Choose Mattress if you’re having difficulty picking the right mattress for your bed. There are plenty of choices and you’ll be surprised at how affordable some of them are


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Beat drowsiness

If you get drowsy after eating dinner, then don’t sit around and take a nap—get up! Do something stimulating such as a bit of exercise, taking a shower/bath, or going for an afternoon walk. This helps beat the need to nap during the evening and it prepares your body for sleep. You could also do productive things around the house, such as cleaning the dishes and cooking appliances or preparing your bag for the next day of work.

Set an internal clock

One of the best ways to get a comfortable night of sleep is to mentally condition yourself for it with your internal clock. Everyone has a hidden internal clock in their bodies and it helps them gauge how much time they should be spending in bed. This means as long as you stick to sleeping and waking up at the same time, you’ll eventually condition your mind’s internal clock. In order to do this, avoid sleeping in even if it’s a holiday, always wake up at the same time, and don’t sleep late.




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