No Sleep: Finding Peace and Quiet in a College Dorm

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Your student years should be all about getting that degree while managing your own finances. For many, the only road to this is through the infamous dorm room. Messy roommates, shared bathroom facilities, and food mysteriously disappearing from your fridge, the college experience can be tough on those who enjoy their privacy.

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It doesn’t have to be a nightmare, though, and with these brilliant tips, you’ll be able to speak up and find the peace you need to sleep and study. It will help you to become a better roommate as well while you’re at it, making your dorm-life a bit more manageable.

You don’t have to roommate with a friend

Cohabitation is complicated stuff, people, and the ones who manage it without any trouble are probably bottling up their frustration inside – or they’re just really calm people. They say you don’t truly know a person until you’ve lived with them and, although it may be true, it applies more to people’s negative sides.

Living together means that you’ll see their best sides as well as their worst – and they’ll see yours too.

It’s why we tend to get more annoyed at our siblings, parents, and partners when we live with them, compared to our friends who we see when we’re out and about. Take some time to consider if living with one of your close friends is the best idea; besides, you’ll be able to find and form great friendships with the strangers you end up living with as well.

It will be a lot easier to speak up and set boundaries from day one when you’re moving in with someone you don’t know – and their stingy attitude or loud music habits won’t catch you off guard. Read more about this in, by the way, if you need more convincing.

Don’t bring all your stuff

College is the perfect time for finding yourself and your own sense of style. By leaving most of your precious belongings behind, you’re allowing for this to happen while also limiting the chances of a messy roommate spilling ketchup all over your Edgar Allen Poe collection. Make a few investments, first of all, and get a decent mattress by looking at; your bed is your sanctuary in the dorm, so treat it well.

Balance the relationship

One of the most important things you can do for yourself while living in a college dorm is to establish boundaries when it comes to your relationships. This applies to your roommate as well as the others living in the hall; respect each other’s privacy, find friends outside of the dorm as well, and make sure guests follow the rules when you have visitors.

Even though a roommate is great to have when you both need to navigate this new landscape, it’s important not to lean on each other too much. When you’re new to all of this, it’s almost too comforting to have someone who can keep you company and guide you through campus. Just keep in mind that it’s a balancing act and, even though you’re good friends, your roommate might not want your friends to sit on her bed and browse through her books.

Taking advantage of kindness and friendship is the kind of thing that leads to resentment later on.

The time you spend in a college dorm is a fantastic way to prepare you for absolutely nothing later in life. You’re not going to live like this again, waking up to smoke alarms going off as someone once again had to smoke in their room, stealing your leftover pizza, and doing shots in the kitchen.

This experience is for now only, and that’s why it’s so beautiful; in a few years, you’ll have your own space again, so enjoy the chaos while you can.

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