Loveys and Safety – A Solution

If you follow me, you may know that I do recommend giving children a lovey to help them feel comfortable while sleeping.  (Click here for my previous blog post on why I recommend them) The problem with loveys?  The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend anything in the crib with a baby until they are at least one year of age.  While other’s may say a small blanket square or small stuffed toy is okay, ultimately parents have to decide whether or not to go against that recommendation.   When recommending them, I always let parents know about this and recommend they speak with their pediatrician about this choice. So what is the alternative?  Up until recently, the choices were either go along with the AAP recommendation, or not.  But, a company has decided to make another choice available and I am so excited! slide2c (Please note – I was given a sample of the blanket sleeper of this and do make a percentage off sales from the link I will give below)

Bitta Kidda has created a sleep sack and a blanket sleeper that both have lovies attached to it!  Two small squares with satin on one side and fabric on the other are attached to this sleep sack.  They are placed in a manner that they can not be lifted over the child’s face. I love the blanket sleeper they sent me to check out awhile back, and now they are introducing the sleep sack and also a daytime solution.  The daytime solution is a blanket square that can be clipped onto clothing.  A great solution for car rides when your baby may be fussy and need a soothing object. Want to know more info and buy one for yourself? Click here to visit Bitta Kidda, Inc.  (This is an affiliate link)

Do you have experience with any of these products?  Feel free to share below!

2 Thoughts on “Loveys and Safety – A Solution

  1. Oh what a great idea. Funny that we’re told not to put the babies in with anything. I’m pretty confident we used a blanket. I’m just glad they are past that stage. Always questioning your decision, will it kill them? Will I ruin them as an adult?

  2. How great that someone has created something which addresses the problem! I’ll have to remember that, assuming my son ever gives me grandchildren to spoil. (Ugh, even thinking about becoming a grandmother makes me feel old.)

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