How To Cope When Sick And Living Alone

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Being sick can be a struggle when living solo. With no-one to do the household chores and look after you, you have to do it yourself – but what if you’re too sick to get out of bed, let alone do physical chores? Here are a few strategies to consider to help you get through your sickness.

Keep some medical supplies in your bedroom

It’s worth having an emergency medical kit within reach of your bed – you could possibly store this in your bedside cabinet. This could contain supplied such as pain killers and tissues. You could even consider packing some snacks to save you having to go downstairs to the kitchen.

Consider a house call doctor

Driving to your local GP surgery or hospital may not be possible when ill. Fortunately, there are home-call services that could allow a doctor to come to you. You should search 24 urgent care near me to see what services exist in your area. Once you’ve had the problem diagnosed, a doctor may be able to help you seek treatment by telling you how to get medication online as well as coping strategies at home.

Make use of the web

You can do a lot nowadays online from your phone. If you need to buy food or medical supplies, you may be able to shop for them online and order them to your home. This will save you having to trek to your local store. You can also use the web for medical advice if you need it – however this shouldn’t substitute seeing a doctor if you are ill and don’t know the cause.

Push yourself to do chores, but know your limits

Being active may be good for your body and mind in some cases, so don’t try to be entirely bed-ridden unless you truly are so sick that you cannot move. There may be certain tasks that you want to avoid such as cleaning out the trash (if you’re already feeling sick, smells of the garbage could further trigger you off). Don’t try to do tasks that are too physically or mentally demanding as you could be putting extra strain on yourself and delaying your recovery.

Get help from friends and family

If your sickness last more than a day, you’ll need to get some outside help from others. Whether it’s to help cook meals or take out the garbage, your friends and family will be able to make life easier. You may even benefit from staying round someone else’s house. If you don’t have any local friends or family to turn to, there may be local charities or even religious centers that can provide voluntary help. Don’t be too proud to ask for assistance – allowing others to help with speed up the recuperation process.

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