Helping Your Baby Get To Sleep In Summer

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Getting to sleep during hot summer weather can be a struggle, and it can be even worse for babies who can’t communicate how they’re feeling. If your tot is struggling to get to sleep in the summer heat, the following tips could help you for a better night’s sleep for all.

Keep an eye on temperature

If you’re feeling hot at night, it’s likely that your baby is hot too. The ideal temperature for a baby’s bedroom should be 68–72°F (20–22.2°C), and you’ll want to monitor this more closely in the summer. If it’s too hot, you can make do with a sheet for bedding and get rid of unnecessary blankets, and on particularly hot nights, you may just want to put them to bed in their diaper or in a vest to help keep them cool.


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Cool down the home

During the hottest weather, the whole family can benefit through a cooler house overall. Keeping the windows closed all day will make your home stuffy, whereas opening them slightly in different places around the house can help keep the home cool throughout the day. If you don’t feel comfortable having your child’s window open, you can always open other windows in the house and keep their door open a touch to allow some of that breeze to come through.

Change up your baby’s formula

If your baby drinks formula, you may want to try a different variety or brand that will enable them to sleep better at night. Holle baby formula is a great organic solution that may help your baby sleep during those hotter nights and keep them from being grumpy and overtired the next day.

Use a fan before bed

If it becomes unbearably hot, you might want to put a fan on in the baby’s room before they go to sleep. When you then bring them up to bed, you can then turn the fan off if you have any safety concerns with it being on. You could also try having them sleep in your room if your room tends to be cooler than theirs due to the larger amount of space, which will allow you to keep a close eye on them too.

Use cold towels to cool the air

Hanging cool towels or sheets around the room is a great way to get some moisture in the air that can bring the temperature down. If you’ve got the space, you could even try to freeze some sheets first to make them even cooler. Taking tips for keeping a room cool without air conditioning is a great way to keep your home cool in the summer and is a more environmentally-friendly option that will keep your bills down too.

Sleeping is important for your baby’s health as well as your own, and while it can be difficult in the sticky summer months, there are ways you can help the whole family get the sleep they need. Try out the methods above and see if they could benefit you and your baby during those hot summer nights.

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