Health Factors That Affect Children’s Sleeping Patterns


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Parents know just how important sleep is to children. A sleep deprived kid is a nightmare, so the more sleep the better. But, even when you follow the rules, some children are just plain old restless. Why? Well, not to alarm anyone, but it’s because of health issues. Now, it’s worth noting that these factors are not fatal or harmful in any way. What they are is annoying, and that is enough to put a child off a good night’s rest. If you’re wondering, below are the main health causes that affect a kid’s sleeping pattern.

Head Lice

Having head lice is an occupational hazard of being young. Because the kids are in close proximity, the lice can jump from one host to another without much hassle according to For children, there is nothing to worry about other than the stigma of having nits. For you, though, it means restless nights and moody mornings. When the lice bite, they cause the scalp to itch. Even if it happens unconsciously, it still registers in the brain. It may not be enough to wake them up fully, but it is more than sufficient to prevent REMS. The sooner they go, the quicker they will fall back into a deep sleep.

Light Sensitivity

Kids don’t like the dark. In fact, no one likes the dark if we’re honest because it’s scary. So, to humor them, you put on a night light which helps them go to sleep. However, it may be more of a hindrance than a helpful tool. The reason is light sensitivity. Lots of kids have eyes that don’t deal with mass amounts of light effectively. After all, their eyes are still growing and adjusting. As a result, the extra glow in the room can register while they sleep. Sometimes it prevents deep sleep, and others times it wakes them up in the middle of the night.


To most people, this affliction appears stupid. If you’re tired, go to sleep – it’s that simple. As a parent, you know it isn’t that easy. Kids don’t do well when they are overtired because they fight the urge to sleep. After a while, the body takes the hint and reduces the production of melatonin. The effect of this reduction is that kids become more alert. However, their mood and crankiness do not go away. If these signs from BabyCare Advice start to show, it’s because your son or daughter is shattered.

Growing Pains

Growing pains hurt, and that is a fact. Plus, when kids are young, they have a lower pain threshold. So, the dull aches become even more excruciating. Sadly, there is nothing you can do about this condition other than wait it out. Growing pains do stop in the end, and when they do everyone can go back to sleep. Until then, just try and take their mind away from it so that the pain goes to the back of their mind.


Hopefully, none of you will have to contend with or else you may be up all night.


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