Have You Considered Your ‘Human Essentials’?

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It can be hard living in the modern day. Heading to an office job day after day, trying to keep up with our fitness, running around the city in our cars, stuck in traffic, or trying to combat the miserable weather. We might feel lethargic after eating, or perhaps are starting to feel hangovers and the pull of continual social structuring tugging at our energy levels. Sometimes, we might just wonder how people can remain energized to get through the day, or seem so healthy when we feel so lethargic.

If this is the case, it can be important to visit your Doctor to ensure you’re not suffering from a malady or any nutritional imbalances. But it can also be essential to check up on your ‘human essentials.’ Have you considered them? We often see ourselves and our role in society as the job we head to each day. We might think ‘I’m an entrepreneur so I must work flat out,’ or ‘I’m a marketing professional and need to keep ahead of the curve always.’ Those things might be true. But at the base level, we are all humans, and all have human needs. This means there’s a universality in how we might help ourselves, and in identifying what might be the issue. Modern life can take plenty from us, but with the following self-care techniques, you’ll come back to your natural pace:

Prioritize Your Sleep

Look, we get it. You’re young, you’re likely beautiful, you’re likely raring for a good time. Of course, you want to squeeze the marrow out of life and commit to finding the best memories to craft. You want to enjoy life not as its been told to you, but as you are to experience it. You want to be a pioneer, and become the best version of yourself. You want good grades, a great social life, and an even better future. You want to travel, remain in shape, and perhaps achieve something truly great before you lose the ambition to. All noble goals. But this can lead to working overtime, and losing out on sleep.

Sleep is important. Sleep is important. It’s essential to sleep, and give yourself enough time to sleep. Prioritizing your sleep could be considered one of the most important things to take care of. Using guided sleep meditation to help you relax, scheduling the time, and saying no to a night out now and again is essential to maintain yourself to this aim. You will thank yourself for it.


If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect others to? We need this feeling as plants need oxygen. It’s essential to give yourself a break, mind your self-talk, and always believe in who you are. This can do more good for you than a thousand pull-ups or miles ran on a treadmill.

A Purpose

Without a purpose, we can often find it hard to structure our days and understand who we are. We are known as human beings and not human doings yes, but it’s still important to allow a craft, an interest or a career help you take shape. Those who suffer physical challenges often have the desire to express themselves or learn in some way, and are noble in overcoming those challenges. We should take inspiration from this, and ensure that our purpose is noble and interesting enough to sustain us for a good amount of time.

With these tips, your human essentials are sure to be the baseline from which you think.

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