Happy Parents Speak!

Happy Parents Speak About Working With Michelle

Our first child didn’t have many sleep problems, so it was a bit of a surprise when our second child fought sleep at all costs! We had months of very, very sleepless nights. Michelle was super helpful in trying to understand our situation, giving practical advice, and honestly being invested in our sleep successes. Our baby went from needing to be nursed to sleep to being able to fall asleep on his own. He went from waking up 5-6 times a night (on a normal night) to waking once or twice. He took longer afternoon naps, and started taking more regular morning naps. It was quite a nice change, and Michelle’s advice helped us get to that point! We had a week of daily support from Michelle, but she asked us to check in with her after that, and also encouraged us to ask questions if we needed to after that week. She was very generous in allowing us a few extra questions as the next month or two went on. We appreciate the sleep help, and we are thankful for Michelle’s support!”  – Mom of Baby L and A

“Prior to working with Michelle, my 15 month old daughter had not sleep through the night in months and I struggled with getting her to take a quality nap during the day. My husband and I were completely exhausted after trying several methods on our own without success. Michelle’s sleep guidance made a huge difference in the qualities of our lives. She was very understanding and always available to offer help when I really needed it. She adapted the sleep plan to the daily changes that we were experiencing until we developed a plan that worked. Michelle’s gentle approach to fixing my daughter’s sleep habits worked beautifully after about 2 weeks of work. After 4 weeks of Michelle’s support, her sleeping is nearly perfect. I’m extremely grateful and thankful for this result” – Mom of 15 month old

“I had really high hopes for sleep training with my third. This one would be different I told myself. Well, 11 months later, and a 4 and 6 year old in the background, I had once again created a nurse-to-sleep child who woke every 2-3 hours. I was exhausted and tired of reading the same books again and again. I decided to hire a professional. I knew all the shoulds, and shouldn’ts but needed someone to make a plan for me and tell me what to do. I scheduled 1 45 min call with Michelle and did exactly what she told me to do. She was empathetic, a good listener, and very easy to talk to. I am happy to report after 6 nights the baby slept through the night. We are all much happier and well rested. I feel like I have my life back! Thank you so much, Michelle! Your knowledge and guidance were just what I needed to get my baby on the right track to a good night’s sleep! My only regret is not calling you sooner! Heather M. and baby C (11 months)


“After a few consistent months of our 18-month old daughter waking in the middle of the night, we wrote to Michelle to help us recognize the sleep pitfalls we were experiencing and to help us craft a plan that would work for our family.
During our home visit, Michelle helped us recognize certain patterns and “crutches” our daughter had come to rely on that was affecting her sleep and ours.  For example, while I knew she did not need the 3am nursing session, our daughter’s body had gotten quite accustomed to it and she would naturally wake-up at that time.  We worked together to find ways to make gradual changes in our routine, while continuing to support our desire to nurse our daughter as a toddler and meet the needs of my husband’s shift schedule.
Michelle was an excellent listener and took care to find creative ways to help us enact each step of the plan.  She checked in at the appropriate times and was encouraging of each step in the process.  It truly wasn’t long before we were all happily sleeping through the night.  We’d recommend Michelle to anyone in need of a positive and professional sleep consultant for their family.” – Mom and Dad of 18 month old

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“Working with Michelle gave me the courage to even think about sleep training my
daughter.  I was the kind of mom that couldn’t bare to think about letting my
daughter cry (and even cried myself thinking about sleep training!)  I was
extremely sleep deprived and no one in my house was sleeping well.  Michelle came to my house (super convenient!) and was the light at the end of the tunnel.
 I appreciated her demeanor, she’s very knowledgeable but not overly forceful or  condescending about her expertise.  She gave us a few options and helped us  develop a plan, and I’m proud to say that my daughter now goes down for naps and  bedtime like a pro.  We are all so much happier and think Michelle’s services  are an incredible investment for anyone struggling with sleep issues.”  – Mom of Baby B

“I’ve reached out to Michelle on several occasions to help both of my kids sleep on their own and through the night. My son, who was 3 years old at the time, had trouble sleeping on his own. My husband and I made the mistake of rocking him to sleep as a baby and staying in his room until he fell asleep when he grew older. We didn’t know how to break this habit. We read a variety of books on how to break this habit, but we didn’t like any of their approaches. Michelle helped us implement a plan that we were comfortable with, and advised us every step of the way. Her approach worked and to this day, he can now fall asleep on his own. Michelle is now helping us with our 1 year old sleep through the night. We started 3 nights ago and, for the first time in months, she slept more than 9 hours straight last night, and so did I. She has made our bedtime routine enjoyable!” – Mom of a 4 and 1 year old 

“Blake is doing VERY well – he is such a good little sleeper now. He just grabs his lovey, and actually smiles at me, and then starts rubbing his face and goes off to sleep, and then I don’t hear from him (typically) until 6 AM!” – Mom of Blake, 9 months old

“I don’t think we would have survived much longer had we not met you!” – Mom of two children, ages 15 months and 2.5

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Michelle’s talks at my moms group.  That same night we implemented some of her techniques and we’ve ALL been happier with our significantly shorter bedtime routine and cosleeping situation ever since.  ~Jenn A. mom of 1 year old.



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