Five Simple Steps You Can Take Today to Help Your Child Get Better Sleep Tonight!

1. Make sure bedtime is not too late
Children need on average 10-11 hours of sleep at night for the first 9 years of their lives!  It is important to not have too big a gap between your child’s nap and their bedtime (4 to 5 is normal – closer to 5 if they are sleeping through the night).  If bedtime is too late, your child will be overtired and overtired children do not sleep as well as well-rested children.

2. If your child is at an age when they should be napping, make sure they are getting their naps
Too late of a bedtime and skipped or short naps will create more night waking and poor quality sleep, resulting in an even more overtired child!

3. Make sure your bedtime routine is calm and consistent
Keeping a calm bedtime routine gives your baby the chance to relax before falling asleep.  Consistency lets your baby know that sleep time is coming.

4. Dim lights and turn off electronics an hour before bedtime
Darkness signals your baby’s body to produce a calming hormone that helps with sleep.  Bright lights and lights from electronics cause your baby to not produce that calming hormone.

5. Check your child’s room temperature
Ideal sleeping temperature is between 65 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit, with it being better to be on the cooler site.  Not only is being too hot a SIDS risk, but it can also make sleep less restorative.

And a BONUS!

If you are stressed at bedtime, your child will pick up on that stress.  Try your best to relax and things may just go easier tonight!!

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