Does My Child Really Need THAT Much Sleep??

If you have a child who doesn’t sleep well,  you may be in shock when you look at the recommended sleep averages for children.  For example, 2 year old should be getting on average, 11 hours at night and 2 during the day for a total of 13.


Now remember, that is an average, so a little less or a little more is to be expected.  However, if your child is almost always getting much less sleep than the recommended amount, you may want to think about trying to increase it.  That is especially the case if your child is cranky occasionally, is not sleeping well when they are sleeping, or are having health or behavior issues.  Children who are well rested sleep better than those who are overtired.  It is very easy for children to get into a cycle of always being overtired and we definitely do not want that.

I was sent an article that gives more detailed information about why sleep is so important to growing children, and would love if you took a look and let me know what you thought.

Here is the link  –




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