Daylight Saving Time is Ending – Are You Ready?

On November 5, 2017 in most of the United States, Daylight Saving Time will come to an end,  On this day, most of us set our clocks back an hour.

This means – YOU GET AN EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP!!!!!! 

Just kidding, you are probably a parent, which means, you probably do not get to enjoy that extra hour anymore. 

Sorry!  In fact, it may be even more frustrating for you because now your children are waking “earlier” in the morning.  What was once a 6:30 or 7 wakeup, is now a 5:30 or 6 wakeup.  So how do we avoid this from happening?

The Gradual Method

Since you have over a week until the change, you can take a gradual approach.  Just start moving your child’s bedtime a little later every few nights.  I recommend doing it by 5 – 10 minutes every 2 days.  This will not cause your child to become overtired, and they will also hopefully start sleeping a little bit later in the morning.  Of course if your child goes to school, you may not be able to do this by too much.  Figure out if your child can sleep a little bit later in the morning and then adjust accordingly.

All at Once

If your child or children are generally good sleepers, you may just allow them to go to sleep at their normal time on the clock on Sunday night, which would be an hour later than their normal bedtime.  Or you could move their bedtime 30  minutes later on Saturday, then another 30 minutes later on Sunday.  Be careful to not let them get too overtired, especially younger babies and children who generally don’t sleep well.  If they are overtired when they go to sleep that night, they may wake even earlier in the morning and sleep worse at night.

Some Additional Tips

  • Consider Blackout Curtains or Shades – With the time change, the sun will be coming in our rooms earlier than normal so blackout curtains or shades may help with that.
  • Exposure to Natural Light – During the day, make sure you get some exposure to natural light.  This will help reset your body clock.
  • Follow Ideal Sleep Hygiene – These changes are easier when you are or have a good sleeper.  Children and adults who are generally well rested handle variations in schedules easier than those who are overtired.  Here is a post with some general sleep tips : Adults Need Sleep Too

If your child continues to wake early in the morning well after the time change, check out my post to help with that – My Child Wakes Too Early in the Morning

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