Confessions from a Sleep Coach

I had originally wrote this in October and posted it on another blog of mine.  I reread it recently and thought it was worth sharing again to show almost no one, not even a sleep coach, have children who always sleep through the night!

Many people assume that because I am a sleep coach, my children are
perfect sleepers.  I will say, most nights are great, but there are the
off nights.

Last night my 7 year old daughter woke at 1:40 and came to our room and
said she was scared.  I walked her back to her room, tucked her back in,
gave her a hug and a kiss and she let me leave.  Normally she would
need me to talk a bit about what she was scared of and to think of some
good thoughts she could think of.  Not last night, I didn’t hear from
her again.

And then when I got up this morning I learned about what really happened
when I went back to sleep.  My daughter told me she climbed in bed with
my 5 year old son, asked him if she could sleep with him and he said
yes.  Ok, not too bad right?

Then, I talk to my husband who had already left for work.  He tells me
he got a drink of water at 3:15AM and noticed there was a door closed
that normally isn’t.  He opened the door and heard some noise in my
son’s room.  He went in and found my son on the floor playing with toys
and talking.  He put him back in bed and went back to sleep.  He had no
idea that my daughter was in there.

Apparently, my daughter got in my son’s bed, they “rested” according to
her, and then she asked him if they could play.  So they got up and
started playing in the middle of the night!  We’re not sure how long
they had been playing, or where my daughter was when my husband went
into my son’s room.  When she gets home from school I’m going to ask her
where she was – we’re wondering if she was hiding somewhere!

See, so no one’s kids are perfect sleepers!!  (Although I will say they
didn’t wake us up during the middle of the night playtime!)

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