Child Sleep Routines Guaranteed To Work

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Having a baby or child that is refusing to sleep when you put them down at night, isn’t just annoying. It can be both infuriating and exhausting as well. They need their sleep and so do you.  That is why it so important to have a sleep routine that works well each and every night. With that in mind read on for some suggestions that you can try out at home.

The tire them out

This routine starts way ahead of bedtime. The idea is that you include some serious time for exercise and burning off all of that energy that your little one seems to have into your daily schedule.

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This could include going on long walks in the park as a family or setting them competitive sports games to do in the garden. Or even taking them to a play area where they can let off some steam, and you can grab a cup of coffee and just supervise.

Then hopefully when it does come to bedtime, you can expect the kids to be ready to settle down and have some more quiet and restful time, then drop off to sleep without too much hassle.

The no electronics routine

This routine is all about limiting the blue light that the kids are exposed to in the hours before bedtime. Did you know that blue light is known to stimulate the human brain? Not something that is a great idea if you are trying to get the kids off to sleep.

Also, blue light is associated with electronic gadgets, which are usually entertainment or computers game focuses, and the ones for kids are usually super fast and colorful. Again something that is far too stimulating for hours around bedtime.

So to work this routine into your day to day schedule set a time where all devices such as tablets and phone have to be turned off. Also give the kids 15, 10, and then 5-minute warnings to limit tantrums when the deadline arrives.

The chill-out

The chill out routine is all about getting the kids to relax enough to drift softly and easily off to sleep when bedtime comes. To start, give them a warm bath with lavender bubbles. As this is known to promote a sleepy feeling.

Then when you actually put them to bed use some relaxing music like Mozart, or even white noise to help them drift off to sleep. You can find out which model is best white noise machine by clicking the link. They are a good investment as they also block out any noise in the environment. Something that is great if you have other kids that aren’t so good at creeping around when the baby is going off to sleep.

Quality time

Lastly, a favorite routine of many parents and children alike is the quality time routine. We often have so little time to spend together one on one with our kids these days, reading a story, discussing their day, or simply just being there at bedtime can help rectify this.

As an added bonus, your presence and positive reinforcement can also help you kid to nod off without too much trouble too. Making it the perfect bedtime routine.

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