How to Improve Your Sleep With CFS/ME

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CFS/ME, or to give the condition it’s full title Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, is one of the most frustrating conditions that affect sleep. Despite being tired all the time, CFS sufferers often find that they are unable to get to sleep and, even if they do, they wake up unrefreshed.

The causes of CFS/ME are still unknown and though the condition is hardly uncommon, scientists are still at a loss as to how to treat it. However, there are a few things you can try to help improve the quality of your sleep.

In fact, even if you don’t have CFS/ME, you might like to try these tips!

Combating Chronic Pain

Many people with ME suffer with chronic pain and/or fibromyalgia. This is a type of pain that can affect the joints and muscles as well as the glands and is often described as ‘flu-like symptoms’. Obviously, this is going to affect your sleep.

Getting the best possible mattress and pillow combination should be your first port of call. Make sure that you are comfortable, with your back in alignment. You should always try a few mattresses out before you select one and give yourself a full afternoon to make a good choice.

One option is to try CBD oil which can relax the muscles and reduce symptoms. Green garden gold’s website has some interesting articles on this topic that are worth reading before you try.

Give Weighted Blankets a Go

Weighted blankets were first developed to help anxious dogs calm down and sleep by imitating the sensation of being hugged. It’s hardly surprising that the demand for weighted blankets for the human population soon followed! Though you can imitate the idea of a weighted blanket by piling a few on top of each other, the likelihood is that you’ll just end up feeling hot.

The weight of the blanket is soothing for people who suffer with insomnia as well as stress and anxiety. For people with CFS, the blanket seems to help calm the body down and reduce restlessness which in turn improves sleep quality. The blanket is non-medicinal so anyone can try it.

Use Heat and Ice Smartly

Heat and ice therapies are well-known for reducing and mitigating pain. Ice is ideal for sore throbbing pain but heat is perfect for joint pain and general aches. As many people with CFS also find controlling their temperature a challenge sometimes, these therapies can also help to make you more comfortable at night.

At the most basic end, a hot water bottle is cheap and cheerful as well as effective. You can fill it with warm water or you can fill it with cold and pop it in the freezer on a hot night. Stepping up a little, you might also like to consider an electric heat pad. You can actually find these shaped like jackets online which provide wings to go around your shoulders too!

Though there is no current cure for CFS, making yourself as comfortable as possible will help alleviate some of your symptoms. And even if you don’t have CFS, these tips could work nicely for you too!

Saying Thank You

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If you’ve faced any problems in your life and found a solution that has helped you out of your tough time, very often you want to give something back.

As a young parent with a non-sleeping baby maybe you got some great advice or maybe you were in need of some help getting a job and a charity stepped in to help you back into employment. Whatever the case, sometimes it’s great to pay forward all the kind favors that have been done for you. We bring you some random acts of kindness that can make the world a better place for everyone.


If you feel passionately about a cause, maybe it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and make a donation. It might be that you’re not in a position to donate great sums of money so why not start today by setting up a Direct Debit to a charity of your choice for just a few dollars a month. These small but regular acts of generosity soon mount up and create a regular income stream for charities when they need it most.

Pay it forward…in coffee

Has anyone ever done you a real favor and expected nothing back in return? Do you think you could do the same? Next time you’re buying a coffee in a café, why not pay that favor forward and buy a coffee for the student in the queue or the older person behind you? These kinds of favors transform society. They change how people think about others. They put a smile on someone’s face and they might just be inspired to pay it forward again to someone else.

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Make a Will

No one wants to think about it but by leaving a donation to a charity in your Will you will be leaving more than money, you’ll be leaving a legacy of kindness and generosity.

Get involved

Perhaps you just want to help. Why not make a conscious decision to sign up to a charity that’s looking for help? As well as giving back to your community, like Elan Shukartsi, you’ll get to meet some like-minded people and see first-hand the difference volunteering just a few hours of your week can make.

You probably do have a charity or a cause that you feel passionate about and at one time in your life, you probably have had someone show kindness for no real reason other than kindness itself. It’s time for all of us to give something back so let’s pay it forward with some random acts of kindness or spend some time helping out at an animal shelter or charity clothes shop.

You won’t regret starting or that deep sense of satisfaction you’ll get from turning your down time into time spent helping other people. If you have a little extra cash, as well as time, find a charity that’s become close to your heart and set up that payment scheme today. Give back something and receive a whole lot more all over again.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Infrared Saunas?

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There are so many different reasons why you should consider purchasing an infrared sauna instead of going down the traditional route. This includes the ease of installation, as well as cost benefits too. Nevertheless, there is no denying that one of the main benefits is the many health advantages associated with infrared saunas.

Weight loss help

There are so many health benefits that have been proven when it comes to infrared saunas. Firstly, a lot of people use these saunas when they are trying to shed some pounds. Not only do saunas help to purify fat cells, but you could burn up to 600 calories in just one session! You can also expect to sweat out more toxins if you use an infrared sauna instead of using a traditional sauna. All of the following will be detoxified: heavy metals, hydrocarbon residues, alcohol, nicotine, sodium, and cholesterol.

Improve your skin

Do you have any sort of skin condition? From acne to psoriasis and eczema, saunas can help improve your skin tone and complexion. The same applies if you have any burns or scars, as well as cellulite. You can read about the psoriasis symptoms inspire has written about for a better understanding on how a sauna could help.

Feel less stressed

You can also lower stress levels and fatigue with a sauna. This is because saunas stimulate ‘feel good’ hormones and endorphins of the brain. This will increase your mood.

Stronger cardiovascular system

In addition to this, your cardiovascular system will become stronger thanks to the deep far infrared penetration. Bacteria and parasites, and other organisms, can be killed during a sauna session, which improves your  immune system.

Great for treating aches and pains

Finally, saunas are recommended for arthritis sufferers because they are great for treating aches and pains too.

How infrared saunas can help you to get a better sleep

Do you get the six to eight hours sleep you are meant to? A lot of people don’t! Infrared saunas can also help with this, which is important when you consider the negative impacts of a lack of sleep.

Not only will an infrared sauna help you to drift off, but they are proven to provide a sleep that is deeper and more relaxed. The slow and relaxing endorphins decline that happens between enjoying time in a sauna and going to bed can be monumental in the facilitation of sleep. This not only means you will find it easier to drift off but you will better in the morning too.

So there you have it: it is not hard to see why infrared saunas come so highly recommended.

A Travel Kit To Give You A Good Night’s Sleep No Matter What Bed You’re In

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It’s true to say that no bed is better than our own. You could stay in the most luxurious hotel in the world, and that high-end mattress doesn’t even come close to the lumpy one you have at home. We like what we know, and we know what we like. As such, you may assume that any night you stay away is sure to be a sleepless one.

That can certainly be the case. Turning up in a strange bed without thought is a sure way to tossing and turning all night long. The mattress will be too soft or firm. The pillows will be too high or low. By the end of your stay, you’ll feel desperate to get home and sleep well.

Yet, thinking things through here could see you getting the best night’s sleep of your life no matter what bed you’re in. All you need is a travel kit which helps you get your sleep on. But, what exactly do you need to include?

Sleep-inducing tea

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You may have heard that you should avoid tea before bedtime. For the most part, that’s because even a small cup of black tea contains a shocking amount of caffeine. If the bed itself doesn’t keep you awake, you can bet that will. Still, there are plenty of teas which can actually induce sleep. Chamomile or lavender are ideal for this. Some companies even offer sleep-based blends. Look out for options like Pukka, who tend to package each tea bag individually. Then, slip a few of these in your travel case. Just be careful not to drink this too soon before bed, or you’ll soon be up for the toilet.

A dash of oil

Oil? At bedtime? Yes, you did read that right. There are various oils which could help you sleep. Carrying them with you is a fantastic way to sleep well wherever you are. Essential oils are a classic here, and they tend to come in travel-sized bottles. Again, scents like chamomile and lavender are sure to work wonders when dabbed on your pillow. If you really can’t sleep when you aren’t in your bed, you may even want to invest in options like this hemp oil for sleep. This is a fantastic way to get a restful sleep without feeling at all groggy come morning. Again, the bottle is also small enough that you have no excuse not to take this everywhere with you!

A mask for lights out


If you’re already in an unfamiliar bed, something as simple as too much light could keep you awake all night. You’ll be sleeping lighter than usual anyway, due to those unknown feelings. Add light to the mix, and sleep doesn’t stand a chance. That’s why a decent blackout mask should be the last essential in your travel kit. These fold up easily and so take up barely any room in your luggage. Yet, this tiny addition could see you well rested for the entirety of your time away.

4 Stresses That’ll Disrupt Your Sleep

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There’s not all that much that humans need in order to be happy, at least when it comes to the baseline level of happiness. We need shelter, we need food, we like comfort. And we need sleep. How many times have you seen an otherwise lovely person become a demonic version of themselves, all because they haven’t had as many hours of sleep as usual? In this day and age, we know more and more about the right ingredients for a good night’s sleep, yet more of us than ever are struggling to hit the hay. This, in part, is because of stress, which is increasingly prevalent in society. Below, we take a look at four causes of stress that, left unchecked, will cause many a sleepless night.



Financial Woes

Oh, money — for all the trouble it’s caused, you’d think we’d have a pretty low opinion of it, yet we don’t. We all let it dominate our thoughts. Can we get more of it? Do we have enough? It’s this latter question that puts a strain on our ability to relax. If you’re being kept up at night because of debt or other financial issues, then make a vow to take control. It’s always possible to overcome financial difficulties — not easy, sure, but possible!

Relationship Issues

Of all the things that are difficult in life, there is none more challenging than maintaining our relationships. Were being asked for things from our friends, family, partners; we’re asking things from them. For the most part, these issues are just a little stressful, but sometimes they come to a head. If you hit a particularly rough spot in a marriage, for instance, you might begin to wonder whether it’ll ever get better; whether you need a divorce attorney; what’ll happen to the house, kids, and so on. While it can feel like an all-encompassing mess while you’re in the middle of it, it’s important to remember that things do always get better.

Getting Ahead

We should all take more time to express gratitude. It would make things much less stressful! When we’re caught in the cycle of working hard, trying to get promoted, trying to be the best we can be, and so on, it’s of little wonder that we become stressed. We’re forever thinking about the next thing, and can’t enjoy what we already have. If you don’t already, look at taking a few minutes each day to appreciate how far you’ve come and all that you have.

The State of the World

Alas, not all of your stresses will be under your control. Take the state of the world. It’s a pretty big mess out there, and we’re the ones who have to live with the consequences. If you’re losing sleep, however, it’s worth keeping in mind that, while there is a lot of bad out there, there’s more good. Indeed, this society is kind of one of a kind — it’s safer, better educated, and more tolerant than any society that’s come before it. It should be celebrated.