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Announcing the Belated Mother’s Day Special!  You can now book an Ask the Sleep Coach call for only $47!  Just book a call to take place before June 11th and get this special price.  Click here to book now!

And if you don’t see a time that will work for your schedule, please email me at and we’ll figure something out that does work for you. 

Let’s get you sleeping well!


Ask the Sleep CoachI am currently offering a service for those of you who might not need a full consultation*.  If you have some questions about your child’s sleep and would just like to have an hour of time with me to pick my brain, this is the offering for you!

Some examples of questions you may have are:

My toddler seems to be giving up his nap – Is he ready to do this?

We want to move our 4 month old out of our room into her own room, do you have recommendations for making this process go smoothly?

We are taking a trip this summer – do you have tips to help our child sleep well while there, and then tips to help them transition well when we are back home?

You get 60 minutes of my time on the phone for just $60.  You can ask me any sleep related questions you want in that hour!

Book Here –

Send me an email at if you have any questions about this service, or you need an appointment time other than those that are available online.

*If your child has multiple sleep issues and you want a customized plan, please see the Sleep Services page for more information on personalized full consultations.  If you do book an Ask the Sleep Coach call and later decide to schedule a full consultation, you can apply the amount you paid for this call to the cost of the consultation.

Ready to get your questions answered??  Click below!


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