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I was offered a free product to review from Aloka Designs and I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you, especially since I think it may help you all!  I was sent a rocket ship design for my 7 year old son and a butterfly design for my 9 year old daughter.  I am a little nervous if the kids see all the different designs available that they may want more though!  Check them out at https://www.

From their website:

SleepyLight, from Aloka, is the answer to children’s night lights that every parent has been waiting for. These colourful, popular lights have been designed by a parent for parents, and with fun designs and features for children too! Low voltage, low heat LEDs can be dimmed to help children and their parents get a better nights sleep. SleepyLights are the ideal night light for children.

When I first got the package, I thought they only sent me one because the box was so small. But that’s the first thing that impressed me about them. The lights are not put together when they are in the box, even the plug comes apart, which makes the box a slim size, which is great in my mind since I am also interested in environmentally friendly products!!   And speaking of environmentally friendly, these lamps use LED lights so no constant replacing of light bulbs.IMG_20141210_155640766


My son was home when I got the box and he was so excited.  IMG_20141210_155550352

We put his together first.  It was very easy to put together.  Just pop the clear design portion into the bottom light portion and then  plug it in and it is ready to go!  There is a remote and the remote already has batteries, so you don’t need to worry about that either.

The remote has several different colors on it, all you do is push a color button and the lamp turns that color.  My kids have each picked their favorite color to sleep with.  SleepWell Tip – This could be a great pre-bedtime activity – allow your child to pick the color they will sleep with that night.  This allows your child to have some control over their bedtime, which is helpful in created a positive bedtime experience.  There is a brighter white light too in case you need a slightly brighter light for a middle of the night change, or your child wants to use it for reading.  There is a dim button, where the light of the lamp (whatever color you are on) dims which is great for sleeping all night.  You can also set the lamp to an hour sleep timer, or rainbow mode where the lamp cycles through the colors.

IMG_20141210_160042551 IMG_20141210_160622174

My kids and I LOVE this lamp!!  The instructions do recommend the parents keeps the remote, and for younger children, I totally agree with this.  My kids are 7 and 9 and I have allowed them to take the remote.  I always check on them before I  got to bed, and if they have not pushed the dim button, I do it before I go to sleep.    Sometimes they have dimmed it on their own, and even if it is not dimmed, it is not too bright to sleep with.

We do leave a bathroom light on outside my kids rooms so they have some light at night, but often at bedtime once child would come out and complain that they were scared because the other child was in the bathroom and had the door closed.  Since getting these lights, that has not been an issue at all.

Here are my thoughts summarized:

  • Easy to put together
  • No Batteries or light bulbs needed
  • Children can choose their favorite color to sleep with
  • Light can be dimmed for sleeping all night
  • Brighter white light for times when a brighter light is needed
  • Light comes in many different designs so parents and children are sure to find one that fits in with their style
  • Timer feature if child is older and does not need the light on in the middle of the night

I think this light is a great tool for bedtime and sleep.  We have had nothing but success here!












Want to buy it?  You can on Amazon.  (Disclosure: Some of the links on this post are “affiliate links.” This means we may garner a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to make a purchase.

4 Thoughts on “Aloka SleepyLight – Product Review

  1. crovinca on September 30, 2015 at 8:25 am said:

    Yes i agree this is really cool sleeplight products and my daughter really love this! But some kids may found that this light is not suitable, especially kids with nightime and ghost fears.

    It happen to my son who have a night time fears, doesn’t like it, as it kinda like the “spooky or ghostly” look. Even he was afraid of Starwars R2-D2 night light,my husband bought it from Amazon. thinking our son will like the robotic light…

  2. This is a really cute thing. I actually like that you have to put it together. It makes it fun for the kids.

  3. Wow , Those are so cool, and very practical!

  4. So cool, I would’ve totally used that, when they were wee ones. I might still do it for their bathroom.

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