“Air Quality Evangelist” Award

air_quality_blog_awardI am so excited!  The other day I got an email from someone at a company called Sylvane.  Sylvane is a company that specializes in improving indoor air quality.  A few months ago they started a monthly award program for outstanding bloggers in the allergy and air quality space.  For the month of February, one of the blog posts I wrote for www.thedcladies.com was selected for this award!

Here’s a link for more information on the award and it also contains a link to my article:  http://www.sylvane.com/blog/february-air-quality-evangelists-2/

If you’d rather just read the article and learn simple ways to improve your indoor air quality, here’s the link to my article: http://thedcladies.com/2013/lifestyle/simple-cost-friendly-ways-to-improve-your-indoor-air-quality/

And if you’d like a personal consultation with me on how you can cut back on the amount of toxins in your home, contact me at michelle@sleepwellsleepsolutions.com.

– Michelle

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