A Travel Kit To Give You A Good Night’s Sleep No Matter What Bed You’re In

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It’s true to say that no bed is better than our own. You could stay in the most luxurious hotel in the world, and that high-end mattress doesn’t even come close to the lumpy one you have at home. We like what we know, and we know what we like. As such, you may assume that any night you stay away is sure to be a sleepless one.

That can certainly be the case. Turning up in a strange bed without thought is a sure way to tossing and turning all night long. The mattress will be too soft or firm. The pillows will be too high or low. By the end of your stay, you’ll feel desperate to get home and sleep well.

Yet, thinking things through here could see you getting the best night’s sleep of your life no matter what bed you’re in. All you need is a travel kit which helps you get your sleep on. But, what exactly do you need to include?

Sleep-inducing tea

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You may have heard that you should avoid tea before bedtime. For the most part, that’s because even a small cup of black tea contains a shocking amount of caffeine. If the bed itself doesn’t keep you awake, you can bet that will. Still, there are plenty of teas which can actually induce sleep. Chamomile or lavender are ideal for this. Some companies even offer sleep-based blends. Look out for options like Pukka, who tend to package each tea bag individually. Then, slip a few of these in your travel case. Just be careful not to drink this too soon before bed, or you’ll soon be up for the toilet.

A dash of oil

Oil? At bedtime? Yes, you did read that right. There are various oils which could help you sleep. Carrying them with you is a fantastic way to sleep well wherever you are. Essential oils are a classic here, and they tend to come in travel-sized bottles. Again, scents like chamomile and lavender are sure to work wonders when dabbed on your pillow. If you really can’t sleep when you aren’t in your bed, you may even want to invest in options like this hemp oil for sleep. This is a fantastic way to get a restful sleep without feeling at all groggy come morning. Again, the bottle is also small enough that you have no excuse not to take this everywhere with you!

A mask for lights out


If you’re already in an unfamiliar bed, something as simple as too much light could keep you awake all night. You’ll be sleeping lighter than usual anyway, due to those unknown feelings. Add light to the mix, and sleep doesn’t stand a chance. That’s why a decent blackout mask should be the last essential in your travel kit. These fold up easily and so take up barely any room in your luggage. Yet, this tiny addition could see you well rested for the entirety of your time away.

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