6 Powerful Tools That Will Make You A Better Parent – A Guest Post

To cope with the ultra-fast-paced highly stressful world, parents need a set of tools to perform their role well. Parenting is not an easy job. It takes love and dedication to raise your children toward adulthood.  You must then do your parental tasks as seriously as your jobs and livelihood,

Just like a regular office job, we need the proper tools to further improve the quality of your parenting. A study showed the average time spent by both parents in a week with kids has risen in the United States from 1965 to 2010. But parents use these periods poorly, making these moments less effective in raising their kids. Because of parents’ juggling of their child-rearing and professional roles, they feel anxious, stressed, guilty, and sleep-deprived. Researchers find out that if left unchecked, these emotions hurt children in the long run.

It makes sense, then, to minimize the possibility to experience these feelings by using tools to improve parenting. Here are some of them:


Parenting needs adequate planning. To deliver robust results, moms or dads should structure how they spend their day so that they can attend to their kids with the least distractions. An excellent way to structure of your time is to write down on a whiteboard the sequence of events that you need to accomplish.

Quality mattress

Nothing can appease young children better than sleep. Doctors recommend toddlers 1-3 years old to sleep 12-14 hours, and kids aged 3 to 12 to slumber at least 10 hours. One tool for them to enjoy deep sleep is by choosing the most comfortable mattress for your kids.


Writing the events that took place in the day in a journal at night can provide you a window to analyze how you fared during the day. This habit also allows you plan for correct mistakes or to improve further your parenting tasks.

First-aid kit

Accidents and injuries happen whenever you are. For toddlers and young children, most of them happen while they are learning how to walk and move on their own. Cuts, bruises, and even muscle strain are common in kids. Prepare for these incidents by having a first-aid kit handy.

Parenting tool cards

If you want to get serious in parenting, which every parent should be, there is a set of tools that makes you a scientific and “professional” mom or dad. Use these excellent tools to keep in touch with the physical, intellectual, behavioral growth and development of your kids.

Parenting apps

Smartphones and tablets can be powerful tools to make your parenting job easier and more efficient. Try downloading apps (iOS and Android) that can help you keep your calendars in sync with your parenting tasks and guide you through parenthood.

Being a parent is tough, but there are plenty of tools to make you better. Try using them to improve your skills in raising your beloved kids.


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Ethan Wright works as a writer and researcher at Bedding Stock gel memory foam mattress. If not wearing his writing hat, you’ll see him travelling with his journal.

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