5 Things that Could Be Bothering Your Bedtime Routine

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You know better than anyone that sleeping well makes you feel so much better the next day. When you don’t get a solid eight hours of shut eye at night you can wake up feeling groggy, anxious and irritable. In order to feel your best you know that your bedtime routine has to be upgraded right now. You might be having body problems that are making you lose your snooze or you might be sleeping in an uncomfortable environment. Whatever your bedtime blues may be, it’s time to address them all and get them fixed right away.

  1. Aches and Pains

It’s normal to have the odd ache or pain here now and again, but when it’s preventing you from sleeping, it’s definitely time to get it sorted. Medical professionals say that toothache is one of the most painful aches you can experience; does this sound familiar to you? If your wisdom teeth are bothering you, you shouldn’t delay your oral surgery for any longer. As soon as this is dealt with you will feel much more comfortable, not only at night, but also during your everyday life.


  1. Temperature

Getting the temperature of your bedroom just right for sleeping is a difficult task for many; it’s all about personal preference. There is nothing worse than waking up too hot in the night so make sure you wear breathable cotton pajamas. Crack open a window too if the fresh breeze helps to circulate the air more effectively.

  1. Stress

If your mind is whirling around with stress-provoking thoughts just before bed then you aren’t going to get a very good night’s sleep. Try to find a way to clear your mind just before you go to bed, whether you read a book, take a hot bath or drink a soothing cup of peppermint tea.

  1. Noise

Trying to get to sleep in a noisy house is very frustrating. There isn’t always a lot you can do about this, especially when you live in a noisy neighbourhood. Invest in some ear plugs and keep your windows shut if it’s not too warm for you. This should help to reduce any unwanted disturbances.

  1. Diet

The food or drink that you consume during the day or just before bed can have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. Steer clear from caffeine in the afternoon if you want to improve your shut eye. Similarly, try not to indulge in a heavy meal within two hours of bedtime; you will feel uncomfortable and it makes the food more difficult to digest. Bananas, nuts, natural yoghurt and dark chocolate might be the perfect pre-bedtime snack to help you drift off to dreamland.

When you feel relaxed and at ease with your bedtime routine, you will start to feel so much better about your sleeping pattern. You will feel ready to curl up and enjoy your eight hour snooze, without worrying about aches, noises or stresses along the way. See how you can update your bedtime routine and you will be able to transform from a groggy to glowing overnight.

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