4 Stresses That’ll Disrupt Your Sleep

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There’s not all that much that humans need in order to be happy, at least when it comes to the baseline level of happiness. We need shelter, we need food, we like comfort. And we need sleep. How many times have you seen an otherwise lovely person become a demonic version of themselves, all because they haven’t had as many hours of sleep as usual? In this day and age, we know more and more about the right ingredients for a good night’s sleep, yet more of us than ever are struggling to hit the hay. This, in part, is because of stress, which is increasingly prevalent in society. Below, we take a look at four causes of stress that, left unchecked, will cause many a sleepless night.


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Financial Woes

Oh, money — for all the trouble it’s caused, you’d think we’d have a pretty low opinion of it, yet we don’t. We all let it dominate our thoughts. Can we get more of it? Do we have enough? It’s this latter question that puts a strain on our ability to relax. If you’re being kept up at night because of debt or other financial issues, then make a vow to take control. It’s always possible to overcome financial difficulties — not easy, sure, but possible!

Relationship Issues

Of all the things that are difficult in life, there is none more challenging than maintaining our relationships. Were being asked for things from our friends, family, partners; we’re asking things from them. For the most part, these issues are just a little stressful, but sometimes they come to a head. If you hit a particularly rough spot in a marriage, for instance, you might begin to wonder whether it’ll ever get better; whether you need a divorce attorney; what’ll happen to the house, kids, and so on. While it can feel like an all-encompassing mess while you’re in the middle of it, it’s important to remember that things do always get better.

Getting Ahead

We should all take more time to express gratitude. It would make things much less stressful! When we’re caught in the cycle of working hard, trying to get promoted, trying to be the best we can be, and so on, it’s of little wonder that we become stressed. We’re forever thinking about the next thing, and can’t enjoy what we already have. If you don’t already, look at taking a few minutes each day to appreciate how far you’ve come and all that you have.

The State of the World

Alas, not all of your stresses will be under your control. Take the state of the world. It’s a pretty big mess out there, and we’re the ones who have to live with the consequences. If you’re losing sleep, however, it’s worth keeping in mind that, while there is a lot of bad out there, there’s more good. Indeed, this society is kind of one of a kind — it’s safer, better educated, and more tolerant than any society that’s come before it. It should be celebrated.

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