3 Weird Causes For Sleep Problems

Sometimes, it’s obvious why you’re always tossing and turning when you want to get to sleep. Maybe you’ve got some bad news that keeps turning over in your head, you’ve eaten way too close to bedtime, or you’ve stayed up too late watching your favorite series. Other times, it’s a total mystery. If you’ve covered all the usual causes for sleep problems, here are a few of the stranger reasons why you can’t get a good night’s sleep.

Your Toothpaste is Too Minty


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That fresh, clean scent of peppermint is invigorating. It’s so invigorating, in fact, that it can keep people awake when they should have been asleep two hours ago! One study from the UK found that people who smelled peppermint oil while spending 11 minutes in a darkened room reported feeling far less drowsy than people who smelled nothing. Though this is rarely the root cause of major insomnia cases, some people are more susceptible than others, and it’s certainly a possibility that you need to consider. I’m not about to tell you that you shouldn’t brush your teeth before bed! However, it may be worth switching to a less minty toothpaste and seeing if it makes a difference.

You’re Letting the Bedbugs Bite


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Bedbugs used to be an extremely common pest problem in homes all over the western world. Over time, we’ve found ways to prevent this kind of infestation, but there are still countless cases which pop up every year. It pays to be aware of the signs. Bedbug bites mainly occur at night, and are painless to begin with, but can quickly escalate into an itchy, irritating welt. Unlike flea and mosquito bites that happen mainly around your ankles, bed bugs will bite you wherever they can find some exposed skin. The bites also don’t have a distinct, red spot in the center like more common flea bites. Other common signs include tiny blood and fecal marks on the sheets. If you’re getting enough sleep, but waking up feeling like a zombie, it may be time to go looking for these signs. You may need to start looking into bed treatments like Green Tech Bug Heat. Pests like this are discrete, but can totally ruin a healthy sleep cycle!

Restless Leg Syndrome


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Restless leg syndrome, or RLS, is a fairly rare condition which is characterized by a constant, inexorable urge to move your legs or go for a walk. The symptoms tend to reach their peak at night, or when the mind is resting. However, even after you’ve treated those symptoms, a lot of sufferers still report a range of sleeping issues. A lot of the medication given to RLS sufferers focus on regulating dopamine, which affects our urge to move, rather than controlling glutamate, which is a chemical that can keep you awake. If you’re always getting the urge to get out of bed and walk around, or you know you have RLS and you’re still having sleep problems, talk to your doctor to figure out your best option.


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